Colorado Civil War Volunteers 1861-1865
This Transcript of Records is a compilation of the military records for the Colorado Volunteers from 1861-1865. The information found in this archive record may include: name of enlistee; rank; place of birth; age; occupation; date, place and name of enlisting officer; duration of service; color of eyes, hair and complexion; height; date last paid; name of paymaster; bounty amount due (if applicable); date and place mustered in, out and by whom; and remarks. If you believe that a person was a Colorado Volunteer during the Civil War and they are not listed in the Transcript of Records then you may find them in the Index of Colorado Volunteers in the New Mexico Campaign (1862).

Source: Colorado State Archives, Colorado Volunteers Transcript of Records Index, Colorado Civil War Volunteers 1861-1865. Compiled by M.S. Elswick and Donald Carlisle; last modified June 18, 2003.

Colorado State Archives, Military Records