Queensland, Australia, Electoral Rolls 1934

Commonwealth Electoral Roll (Queensland) 1934

Electoral rolls are the nearest record Australians have to census listings and hence are extremely important to local, social and family historians.

A redistribution of Queensland electorates occurred in 1934 - Griffith division was created, Oxley division abolished. This database provides information on 569,939 electors in Queensland who were registered to vote on the Commonwealth Roll of 1934. Compulsory enrolment was introduced for all federal rolls from 1911 so the 1934 should reflect the adult population (over 21 years) excluding the foreign and indigenous population. Voting in Federal elections was compulsory from 1925.

The following information is recorded for each entry:

Number - the roll for each subdivision has sequential numbers for all electors listed on the roll

Surname - Surname of each elector

Given name - Christian names of each elector at full length

Title - usually jun., sen. or similar

Place of living - This field may include a full street and town address, just a street address, just a town address, a property name, or other description

Occupation - recorded exactly as entered on the list

Gender - nominally M (male) or F (female) though in some cases the field has been left blank and in other cases recorded as FM, B, R and H. Does not necessarily match the name and occupation.

Subdivision and Division - These fields identify the roll on which the electors were registered.

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