Mariages de St. Jean Chrysostome (1830 - 1966), St. Romuald d'Etchemin (1854 - 1966)
St-Jean-Chrysostome : St-Jean-Chrysostome (1830-1966), St-Romuald: St-Romuald-d'Etchemin (1854-1966). 363 pages. Saint-Jean-Chrysostome is a district within the City of Lévis in central Quebec, Canada south of Quebec City on the south bank of the Saint Lawrence River. It was a separate town, incorporated in 1828, but in 2002 was amalgamated into Lévis. Saint-Romuald is a district of Lévis, Quebec, Canada, located on the south shore of the Saint Lawrence River across from Quebec City. The district was formerly a town (Saint-Romuald d'Etchemin), but was amalgamated with Lévis on January 1, 2002. The district is named after a Roman Catholic parish, which is named in honour of Saint Romuald (c. 951-June 19, 1027), the founder of the Camaldolese order. The church is described as neo-classical in style and was built in 1855 by Joseph and Louis Larose.

Gérard, E., Pontbriand, B., St-Hilaire, G. (1968). Mariages de St. Jean Chrysostome 1830 - 1966, St. Romuald d'Etchemin 1854 - 1966 (Publication No. 51). Québec: B. Pontbriand.    From the Quintin Publications Collection.