Bergen County, New Jersey Marriage Records
Bergen County, New Jersey Marriage Records. From the Everton Library Collection. Copied from the entries as originally made at the court house by the ministers and justices of the peace of the county. Compiled by Mrs. Frances A Westervelt, curator of the Bergen County Historical Society. There is nothing of the spectacular in the presentation of this volume of Bergen County marriages to the public, but in the preservation of these records there is performed a service of value that will increase with the passing years. Nor is the work itself unattended by human interest and even something of the dramatic, for it is an accomplihsment made possible by one who has passed from our midst, an achievement of hands that are stilled. Communities are arranged alphabetically, and marriages thereunder follow in chronological order, with a few minor exceptions, all entries from a single church grouped under the name of the congregation. Entries have been reproduced exactly as made, even when misspellings are obvious.

Bergen County, New Jersey Marriage Records. Frances A. Westervelt. Lewis Historical Publishing Company, New York. 1929. Financed by the special fund donated by William O. Allison.