York Deeds, Book 11, Part 1, 1722 -1726
York Deeds (1642). The earliest deeds are those recorded in Gorges' Province of Maine. In 1652 Massachusetts enforced her claim to southern Maine as far east as Casco Bay, organizing this territory as Yorkshire or York County. Her jurisdiction was gradually extended eastward, and the charter of 1691 gave her the whole of modern Maine to the St. Croix River. All this was comprised in York County until Cumberland and Lincoln Counties were set off in 1760

Book 1-18 covers the period 1642-1737

Vols. 1-11, published under the direction of: Maine Historical Society, v. 12-16: Maine Genealogical Society, v. 17-18: published for the State by E.C. Bowler

Issed by the Register of Deeds for York County

York Deeds, Book 11, Part 1, 1722 -1726.