Chattanooga Campaign
Original Papers (1908). Papers relating to the part taken by the state of Wisconsin in the Civil War

No more published

Includes bibliographical references and index

no. 1. Vilas, W.F. A view of the Vicksburg campaign. 1908.--no. 2. Kellogg, J.A. Capture and escape. 1908.--no. 3. Haight, T.W. Three Wisconsin Cushings, a sketch of the lives of Howard B., Alonzo H. and William B. Cushing. 1910.--no. 4. Fitch, M.H. The Chattanooga campaign. 1911.--no. 5. Bradley, I.S. A bibliography of Wisconsin's participation in the war between the states. 1911.--no. 6. Hurn, Ethel A. Wisconsin women in the war between the states. 1911.--no. 7. Hinkley, J.W. A narrative of service with the Third Wisconsin Infantry. 1912.--no. 8. Jones, J.L. An artilleryman's diary. 1914

Chattanooga Campaign.