Reports from Committees, Fictitious Votes (Ireland), Select Committee on Fictitious Votes, 1837-1838. Appendices Only
Reports from Committees, Fictitious Votes (Ireland), Select Committee on Fictitious Votes, 1837-1838. Appendices Only
Electoral registers are an important source of information for family history research. This data-set lists those eligible to vote in Ireland after the electorate had been greatly increased following the Great Reform Act of 1832. It lists 52,600 names, with details of occupations, addresses and entitlement criteria to vote. Users can search the data under the following criteria:
Register (a list of registers appears at the end of this introduction)
The data was compiled by a parliamentary Select Committee tasked with the job of rooting out corruption and vote rigging, after several accusations and allegations had been made. This Committee, known as the “Fictitious Votes” Committee found little evidence of irregular activity. But they did require the police and magistrates to compile registers of those entitled to vote throughout Ireland between 1832 and 1837 under the terms of the reform act.
In Ireland the electorate consisted of £10 freeholders and leaseholders, £20 leaseholders and freeholders, £50 freeholders and those in Corporation Towns, Cities and Boroughs afforded the right to vote as freemen or paid-up members of one of the trades guilds. As a consequence the electoral registers are very detailed for the cities and towns, especially for the smaller corporate towns where there are no surviving street or trades directories such as Sligo, Clonmel, Cashel, Dungannon, Lisburn, Enniskillen, etc.
Dublin city is by far the best-documented part of this publication and far exceeds the information available in any city directory.
Registers included

"Waste and Poor" Cork city1838364
£10 Householders in Cork city1837368
£10 Householders in Cork city not registered1838112
£10 Householders in Cork city struck out183855
Aldermen, Burgess & Freemen since 1831183751
Applications for Excise Licences1838273
Applications to be Registered1837773
Assistant and Deputy Assistant Barristers since 1833183789
Borough of Armagh elections18372
Borough of Carlow elections18373
Borough of Cashel elections18372
Borough of Clonmel elections18372
Borough of Coleraine elections18372
Borough of Downpatrick elections18374
Borough of Ennis elections18372
Borough of Portarlington elections18372
Borough of Sligo elections18372
Borough of Tralee elections18372
Borough of Wexford elections18372
City of Waterford elections18374
Cork city elections18374
County Cork elections18374
County Kerry elections18374
County Louth elections18373
County of Clare elections18373
County Roscommon elections18374
County Sligo elections18374
County Tipperary elections18372
Excise Licences since 18321838211
Freemen admitted since 183118372,647
Freemen admitted since 18311838426
Freemen of the guilds or corporations of Dublin city18372,427
Freemen registered in Dublin city since 18321832865
Freemen registered in Dublin city since 183218372,673
Houses & occupiers in Clonmel18371,013
Houses & occupiers in Drogheda1837756
Houses & occupiers in Dundalk1837913
Houses which return Members to serve in Parliament18377,104
List of £50 freeholders in Dublin city1837738
List of Freeholders for Co. Fermanagh18321,745
Londonderry city elections18372
Names of persons etc. in 1828183753
New list of £10 Householders Cork city183888
New valuations of voters with unvalued property or unregistered 1832-37183885
Non-resident freemen in Cork city in 18371838376
Persons applying for or receiving excise licences for the sale of spirits since 183218383,286
Persons applying for or receiving excise licences for the sale of spirits since 18371838395
Persons Registered as householders in Cork city 1830-371838127
Persons registered as marksmen1837294
Persons registered as marksmen1838235
Queen's County elections18375
Register of Marksmen18371,408
Registered voters in unvalued property Cork city 1832-37183861
Rentcharges registered since 183218371,764
Rentcharges registered since 183218381,519
Return of Voters for Cork city1838742
Returned "Poor" by Churchwardens or Grand Jury1838238
Town of Carrickfergus elections18372
Town of Galway elections18372
Voters & Excise Licences18372,858
Voters and Excise licences183744
Voters for Dublin city registered in 183218377,004
Voters for Dublin city registered in 1833183380
Voters for Dublin city registered in 1834183441
Voters for Dublin city registered in 183518352,267
Voters for Dublin city registered in 183618362,015
Voters in Cork city exempt from rates 1832-371838538
Voters registered since 183218372,790