DeadFred Genealogy Photo Archive Index
Dead Fred’s Genealogy Photo Archive is an online digital archive containing over 97,000 ancestral images taken prior to 1965. , found at, provides a place for researchers to scan or send in orphan photos, that are either identified or not, in hopes that a descendant will be reunited with the photograph.

On WorldVitalRecords, your search for your ancestors will include any hits found in Dead Fred’s Genealogy Photo Archive Index . If you receive a hit from the Dead Fred Index you can click on the link for “more details” and that will take you to the Dead Fred website where you can learn more about the photograph and see the actual image.

You can search the Dead Fred Index one of two ways on WorldVitalRecords. By just searching for your ancestor through our search engine, you may receive a “hit” if there is a match between the name you are searching for and a name on the Dead Fred Index. You can also search just the Dead Fred Index by using the search engine found on this page.

To learn more about how to obtain a photograph found on Dead Fred, see their FAQ's