Statistics and Gazetteer of New Hampshire
Statistics and Gazetteer of New-Hampshire. Alonzo J. Fogg. (1874) 2007. The bulk of this volume contains a detailed description of every city, town, and county within the State of New Hampshire, including a description of each with respect to its geographic position, population, and its "mountains, lakes, ponds, rivers and streams, its summer resorts, villages, and manufactories, resources, churches, public schools, libraries, hotels, railroads, &c."
Of particular interest to genealogists, however, will be the author's focus on the history of the State, including details about the first settlers in each town, the first ministers, etc. Utilizing more than 100 pages in tables, each county is also described in detail in terms of its "value of their manufactories, farm productions, railroads, newspapers, national banks, savings banks, insurances, post-offices &c." Later chapters itemize the educational institutions, assessed valuation of its businesses, number of deaths by town, and other interesting historical statistics.

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The last chapter includes an historical list of the State's Governors, Justices of the higher courts, and State and Legislative officers, among other things. It even includes a copy of the Constitution of New Hampshire (1792).
A very interesting section gives a history "The Wheelwright Deed," said to have been given to Rev. John Wheelwright in 1629 by four Sagamore Indian tribes and conveying territory which represented more than one third of the New Hampshire prior to 1750. The author relates in detail the controversy surrounding the document and analyzes the evidence for and against the claims that it may be a forgery.

Statistics and Gazetteer of New Hampshire. Archive CD Books USA.