Reference Gazetteer of the United States of North America
Reference Gazetteer of the United States of North America. William Chapin. (1839) 2007. Chapin has captured an immense amount of data depicting the topographical organization of the United States at a critical point in its history, when the Industrial Revolution was transforming the countryside. There is information on physical features, political divisions and transportation networks.
There are lengthy entries for each state, substantial accounts of the larger cities, and lesser accounts for smaller towns and villages, right down to the smallest of rural post offices. Population figures are included where available.
Chapin gathered his data at a critical time, immediately after the Panic of 1837, when the country was on the road to economic recovery. His title promises "A Notice of the Various Canals, Railroads and Internal Improvements" of the United States. The building of canals and of national roads had been underway for some time, but the construction of railroads was in its earliest years. As a result, the years around and immediately after the date of this gazetteer would have as great an impact on the economy of the country as the Interstate Highway system of the 1950s and 1960s. In each state account, Chapin takes great care to list each of the canal and railroad building projects recently completed or then underway, with the mileage completed or contemplated for each canal or railroad.

Reference Gazetteer of the United States of North America. Archive CD Books USA.