Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire
Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire. Sybil Noyes, Charles T. Libby, and Walter G. Davis. (1928-1939) 2006. This compilation by three leading authorities treats all immigrants to northern New England prior to 1700, and their descendants to the third generation. By analyzing all available seventeenth century documents, the authors have made this the source of first resort for early Maine and New Hampshire.
The authors deliberately modelled their work on James Savage's Genealogical Dictionary of New England, but with some augmentations. First, they extended the coverage seven years, to all those who had arrived by 1699. Second, they tried to "give the marriages and deaths of the third generation, instead of only the births." As a result, in their own estimation they have created "a 'Savage' for northern New England."
Because of the frequent conflicts with the Native population during the seventeenth century, many of these families had to take refuge from time to time in various towns in southern New England, and so there are many connections made to families in those towns, especially in Massachusetts Bay. A common feature of these Indian raids was that some of the European settlers were taken into captivity and lived among the Indians or the French, and many of these captives are treated here as well.

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An unusual and important feature of this genealogical dictionary is the collection of "lists" at the front of the book. Organized by Charles Thornton Libby, this section comprises hundreds of tax lists, grants of land, merchants' accounts, coroner's juries and all manner of other documents which contain a high density of names of early settlers of Maine and New Hampshire, and even of those who were just passing through. Most sketches presented in this dictionary contain multiple cross-references to these lists, thus guiding the researcher to the underlying original sources.

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