Lovell's Business & Professional Directory of Quebec, 1890-91
Lovell's Business & Professional Directory of Quebec, 1890-91. The title of this 1051* page directory continues, "Alphabetically arranged as to Places, Names, Businesses and Professions. While this title does an excellent job at identifying the primary purpose of the book it fails to mention that the book also provides: "Historical sketches of the Provinces of Ontario and Quebec," gazetteer like descriptions of virtually every centre of population throughout Quebec, Indexes of; Cities, Towns and Villages, and Advertisers names as well as a "Miscellaneous Index of articles relating to the Dominion of Canada and the Province of Quebec." As bonus material it also contains a list of Banks in Canada and a Postal Guide.
*Actual page count.

The language of this directory is primarily English although the names of people and places given in French are respected. Most businesses and professions are identified in English but, particularly in the Trades Directory, the equivalent French description is also usually given.

The main business of the directory can be found in two sections, being:
1. a Business and Professional Directory of the Province of Quebec Alphabetically Arranged as to Place Names, Business and Profession, and
2. a Province of Quebec Classified Directory of Businesses, Trades, Professions, Alphabetically Arranged.

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