History of the 31st Battalion C.E.F., November 1914 - June 1919
History of the 31st Battalion C.E.F., November 1914 - June 1919. Maj. H. C. Singer and A. A. Peebles. (1938)
This is a faithful reproduction of the original book. We are taking the publication date of 1938 for this wonderful military history from the date on the foreword. The author or, as he styles himself, the Compiler and Assembler, Maj. H. C. Singer, ably assisted by Mr. A. A. Peebles, has left us a document which will at once satisfy both the military strategist and those looking to understand the personal experiences of this group of fighting Canadians.
This is the story of the the 31st. Battalion, otherwise known as the Alberta Regiment, which was raised in November 1914 as a component of the 6th Canadian Infantry Brigade, one third of the 2nd. Canadian Division of the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF.)

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