Canada: An Illustrated Weekly Journal, August 1916
Canada: An Illustrated Weekly Journal, August 1916.
This is a magazine style news publication which styles itself as "An illustrated weekly journal for all interested in the Dominion." As you might expect it contains articles about the events in the news both at a national and at a provincial level, including, for instance, the "Investment Supplement."
From a purely genealogical perspective perhaps the most interesting portions of each issue are the lists of casualties and commissions. Of course the predominance of the reporting concerns "Officers" but most of the issues also devote space to "NCO's and Men." Each issue also contains a section reporting births, marriages and deaths in Canada, and a "Purely Personal" section which is packed with snippets reporting the events in the lives of Canadians, both enlisted and civilian. Of course the exact content of each issue varies to accommodate the events to be reported, but for anyone interested in the Great War, or indeed in the events here in Canada during this particular period, here is a wonderful, contemporary, window on Canada's view of the events taking place during this critical period.

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