The Loyalists of America and Their Times, 1620 - 1816, Volume 2
The Loyalists of America and Their Times, 1620 - 1816, Volume 2. Egerton Ryerson, D.D. LL. D. (1880)
In just two volumes this book, published in 1880, covers an enormous sweep of North American history and does so while encompassing events both at the national level and at the very personal level. An absolute necessity for those tracing their Loyalist roots.
It took Egerton Ryerson, himself a descendent of Colonel Joseph Ryerson of the famous Loyalist Ryerson family, 25 years to complete this book. This was not only due to his being employed as the Chief Superintendent of Education for Upper Canada from 1844 to 1876 but can also largely be ascribed to the enormous amount of personal research he did to determine his facts. Egerton, circulated an open letter requesting all descendants of the United Empire Loyalists to write to him, at his expense, and give him their histories and reminiscences. Many of the resulting letters are reproduced in this book.

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