Manitoba Provincial (Subscriber and Classified) Telephone Directory #119, December 1947
Manitoba Provincial (Subscriber and Classified) Telephone Directory #119, December 1947. (1947)
This directory lists all of the Provincial and Rural subscribers of Manitoba in December 1947 except those in Greater Winnipeg. The exact wording used in the directory is, "Manitoba Telephone System, Official Directory for Provincial Exchanges and Rural Districts of Manitoba exclusive of Greater Winnipeg."
In addition there is a large section of what we would today call the Yellow Pages or the Classified Business Directory, but what this directory calls, "WHERE TO BUY IT."
Altogether there are over 400 pages in this directory, 287 of them in the list of subscribers, each listing well over 100 numbers. The subscribers directory is arranged by exchange and there are hundreds of them. Based on a sampling, the names of the exchanges seem to be the same as place names still in use today but there are also listings of other places which were not served by their own exchange (giving the name of the exchange which did serve them) which we had very limited success in finding on a modern map. We suspect this directory may also be a useful tool for finding places whose names are no longer in use.

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