Official History of the Canadian Forces in the Great War, 1914 - 1919, Volume 1
Official History of the Canadian Forces in the Great War, 1914 - 1919, 1914 - 1919, Volume 1. Colonel A. Fortescue Duguid. (1938)This is a very detailed and comprehensive account of the activities starting at the week before the outbreak of war and telling the story of the raising of the 1st Canadian Contingent, it's training and the actions it fought. It concludes with the formation of the Canada Corps. and the landing of the 2nd contingent on 13th September 1915. The CD contains a complete copy of the original text of this book, including all the maps, footnotes, references to the appendices and - of course - all of the appendix volume. The text is completely computer searchable and we have additionally book marked major milestones in the book such as Chapter headings. These features, in conjunction with the extensive contents lists and the 44 pages of index provided by Colonel Duguid, make this an eminently accessible resource for anyone researching Canadian military activities during the early part of the Great War.
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