Telephone Directory, Western New Brunswick, July 1947
Telephone Directory, Western New Brunswick, July 1947. (1947)
The Telephone directory for Western New Brunswick for July 1947, is one of the few available resources for finding people living in the area between one and two generations ago.
The Telephone Directory is quite a normal household directory, giving name, address and phone number, and was provided to its subscribers by the New Brunswick Telephone Company, Limited, of Fredericton. It provides 112 pages of listings for private and commercial subscribers on 35 exchanges, 2 of which were actually in Maine, USA, and 5 of which were owned and operated by other Canadian telephone companies. The full list of exchanges is too long to print here but we have provided a sampler of the CD on the free Downloads page on our web site which includes the page listing the exchanges so you can see them just as they were originally printed. Major exchanges are Fredericton, Edmunston, and Woodstock.

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