Melbourne Directory 1884 (Sands)
Melbourne Directory 1884 (Sands & McDougall). 1884. The full title is "Sands and McDougall's Melbourne and Suburban Directory for 1884 containing street, alphabetical, and trade directory Melbourne and suburbs, together with government. official, legal, municipal and miscellaneous information"

A fascinating feature is a Universal Building Societies Supplement which includes 15 pages of architectural house plans of the day - layouts and elevations - with the house price for each. This have estimated prices ranging from £150 for a basic wooden house to substantial brick dwellings for just over £1000 - with servants room included. The introduction to the plans states:

The accompanying plans have been prepared by Messrs. N. Billing and Son, architects. The estimated cost of each building includes all charges in connexion with the erection thereof ...

The directory includes many pages of advertisements - all useful information, often including names of people and places.

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