Hobart Town Gazette 1827
Hobart Town Gazette 1827. 1827. Government gazettes are the vehicle for official government notices, normally issued weekly. However at this period the Hobart gazette served two functions

  • publication of official government notices
  • general newspaper content

You will find here thousands of ordinary people and localities, small and large. The information is too varied to describe in full, but some examples are

  • property notices for sale or to let
  • shipping "intelligence"
  • police "intelligence" -
  • colonial, inter-colonial and international news
  • advertisements
  • public appointments
  • convict notices - tickets of leave granted and withdrawn, conditional pardons, free pardons, certificates of freedom
  • unclaimed letters
  • list of publicans in Hobart and the country
  • birth death, marriage and other personal notices
  • list of runaways

To illustrate the nature and value of the content a number of samples are given here:

Example entry taken from the 17 November 1827 issue:
Colonial Secretary's Office, Nov. 14, 1827
His Excellency The Lieutenant Governor has been 'pleased to grant the following Indulgence:-
Ticket of Leave to
Daniel Hall, 349 Malabar.
THE Ticket of Leave to Benjamin Smith, 519. Competitor notified in The Hobart-town Gazette of the 3d instant,
is annulled, he having been recently sentenced to the chain gang, at New. Norfolk,. fur improper conduct.

Example entry taken from the 17 November 1827 issue:

Shipping and Commercial Intelligence.
Arrived at Hobart-town,
July 9. The ship Harvey, 300 tons, George Findlay,
commander, from London 1st January, (having sprung a leak in the Channel and put into Plymouth to repair, which place she left on 2d February), Cape of Good Hope 21st. May, with 29 puncheons rum, 15 casks of porter, 7 hhds. of sugar, 20 kegs of shot, 1200 bars of rod iron, 28 coils of rope, 47 barrels of tar, 15 barrels of gunpowder, shipped by R. and J. Gore to order, packages for P. Wood, W. Morris, A.M. Jones's river, Michael
Steel, Lieutenant Grey, 57th. James Wilson, R. Wardell, Colonel McPherson, G. Burn, H. B. Bannerman.
Passengers:--Mr. and Mrs. Frankland and three children, Mr. and Mrs.. Ashburner and two children, one male and two female servants and two children, Mr. Williams (Barrister), Mr. Noble, (merchant, a relation of Mr. Wentworth, Sydney), Mr. J. B. Weller, Messrs. W. Evans, (supercargo ), A. A. and J. Alderson, John Mellor, W. Dawes, E. Weller, and S. Lyons, Mr. and Miss Corny, relations of Mr. Corny, Lake river, Mrs. Newell, Miss Mackie, Miss Balley, Mr. and Mrs. Lightfoot and two children, Mr. and Mrs. Clark` and 4 children, John Smithers, John Bradley, W. Porter, Thomas Leburn

Example entries taken from the 10 March 1927 Supplement:
, a convenient Brick Cottage, situated in Patrick-street, lately occupied by Mr. J. H. Darley, containing three good Rooms, with Kitchen, &c. in excellent repair. Also, a large Yard and Garden in high cultivation. Possession can be given immediately. For particulars apply to Thomas Atkinson, Campbell-street
FARM FOR SALE, TO be Sold a Grant of 200 acres of Land, located by Alexander Waddle, situate at the Carlton River; 40 acres are in cultivation; there is a good House, Barn and Stock-yard erected thereon. Apply to Mr. Thomas Smith, Macquarie-street, or to Mr. Thomas Young, Solicitor, Liverpool-street.

Example entries taken from the 17 March 1927 issue

Samuel Hillary who has dealt so largely in sheep in the neighbourhood of Jericho, has been apprehended and committed to gaol on a charge of clasp. He was found secreted in a house in the suburbs of the town.

James Kerr is fully committed for trial for a robbery in the King's store some time ago, when George, Dudfield a prisoner lost property to a large amount.

The three men, Haywood, Scott and Jackson, implicated in the treasury bills, lately discovered to be forgeries on the Commissariat at Sydney, are committed for trial. No ... Sharman was discharged for want of sufficient evidence.

Robert Mott and Richard Hammond are fully committed for trial, for stealing the boots from Mrs. Sargeants, belonging to Captain Thomas, as also, Thomas Ewbank Piddock, for forgery.

Example entries taken from two issues
BIRTH.-On Monday last the lady of George Cartwright, Esq. Solicitor, of a son.

MARRIED.-By special license at St. David's Church, on the 10th ultimo, by the Reverend
WILLIAM BEDFORD, MR. JAMES Dow of Hobart-town, to ISABELLA MARY, eldest daughter
of MR. W.I. SPEED of Richmond, Coal River.

DIED.-On the 8th of October, 1826, at her house, No. 1, Greenside-place, Edinburgh, Mrs. Margaret Coulter, widow of the deceased Wm. Coulter, late Lord Provost of that city, universally regretted.
On the 29th alt, at New Norfolk, Mary Ann, aged three years, daughter of Mr. T.A. Lascelles.
On the 8th instant, at Rothbury, Penny Royal Creek, Marianne Lucy, only child of James Cubbiston Sutherland, Esq.- J.P.

Example entries taken from the 8 September 1927 supplement

THE undermentioned Prisoners having absconded from their usual places of residence, all Constables and others are hereby required to use their utmost exertions to apprehend and lodge them in safe Custody,
T.A. LASCELLES, Police Magistrate.

219. Alderson, Henry, dark brown hair, grey eyes, aged 18, a cooper, tried at Northumberland, March 1823, sentence 7 years, native of Newcastle, per Medway (1), scar centre of forehead, dimple chin. Absconded from P. Barracks, January last. Reward £2.

122. Atkins, Arthur, 5 ft. 4, dark brown hair, dark brown (yes, age 25, a butcher, tried at Somerset January 1821, sentence 7 years, per Lord Hungerford, native of Bath, pockpitted, seven stars, a man, R R, hearts and darts on his left arm, crucifixion, sun, moon, T A R A C N and other letters on right arm, absconded from the Naval Officer's boats' crew, August last. Same reward.

891. Barrett, John, 5 ft. 8, dark hair, hazel eyes, age 31, a tailor, tried at Salop 1825, sentence life, born in Bristol, bred in Cork, per Woodman, has scars on right side under jaw, and dimple chin, absconded from Public works Hobart-town, Nov. 1826, Same reward.

380. Brown, Isaac, 5 ft. 4, light brown hair, blue eyes, age 23, a stonemason, tried at Somerset, 1820, sentence life, per Medway (1), native of London, pockpitted, J C H S love and double hearts on left arm, absconded from the P. barracks, November 1826. Same reward.

392. Hammond, Win. 5 ft. 3, dark brown hair, dark hazel eyes, aged 24, a lace runner, tried at York March 1821, 7 years, per Malabar, born at Nottingham, hearts and darts, woman; dog and other figures on right arm. Absconded from the service of the Hon. J. Thomas, Esq. at Launceston July last.

Note: the issues from two available copies of the 1827 gazette both commenced on 24 February 1927.

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