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Collection Title Est. Names
Refugees of 1776 from Long Island to Connecticut100,042
Ecclesiastical and Other Sketches of Southington, Connecticut75,091
Original Distribution of the Lands in Hartford among the Settlers, 163954,185
History of Wallingford, Connecticut, From Its Settlement in 1670 to the Present Time53,532
History of New London, Connecticut : From the First Survey of the Coast in 1612 to 185253,500
A Catalogue of the Names of the Early Puritan Settlers of the Colony of Connecticut47,569
History of Ancient Woodbury, Connecticut, Volume 343,872
Bristol, Connecticut. In the Olden Time New Cambridge which Includes Forestville41,126
Annals and Family Records of Winchester, Connecticut: With Exercises of the Centennial Celebration, on the 16th and 17th days of August, 187140,267
Tercentenary Pictorial and History of the Lower Naugatuck Valley40,204
A Gazetteer of the States of Connecticut and Rhode Island40,110
History of Waterbury and the Naugatuck Valley, Connecticut, Volume 138,993
History of the Town of Stonington37,466
History of Stratford, Connecticut, 1639 - 193937,441
The History of Ridgefield, Connecticut36,690
History of the Old Town of Derby, Connecticut, 1642 - 188036,211
History of Stamford, Connecticut, From Its Settlement in 1641 to the Present Time34,993
A Gazetteer of Connecticut and Rhode Island34,641
History of Waterbury and the Naugatuck Valley, Connecticut, Volume 325,611
Groton, Connecticut, 1705 - 1905.24,569
Who's Who Among Americans of Italian Descent in Connecticut24,569
A Biographical History of the County of Litchfield, Connecticut: Containing Biographical Sketches of Distinguished Natives and Residents of the County24,173
History of Waterbury and the Naugatuck Valley, Connecticut, Volume 224,112
Chronicles of a Connecticut Farm, 1769 - 190523,794
Genealogical Notes, or Contributions to the Family History of Some of the First Settlers of Connecticut and Massachusetts22,886
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