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Collection Title Est. Names
Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond, VA), 1969 - 199012,881
Pomona College Annual Register, 191412,722
After Five Years: the Quinquennial Record of the Class of 1908, Princeton University12,208
Valparaiso High School (Valparaiso, IN), 1907 - 192211,969
National Museum of Health and Medicine, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology - Army School of Nursing (United States), 1923 - 193111,856
Longwood University (Farmville, VA), 2004 - 200611,840
Magdalen College and King James II11,774
Elizabeth City State University (Elizabeth City, NC), 2001 - 200811,739
Roster of the Graduates And Past Cadets of Norwich University, the Military College of the State of Vermont. 1819-1907 (1907)11,450
Brown University, Liber Brunensis (Providence, Rhode Island), 190911,018
General Catalogue of Amherst College, 1821 - 1910 (1910)10,706
Harvard College, Secretary's First Report, 190210,669
Catalogue of the Spiceland Academy, 190010,343
Central Yeshiva High School for Girls, Yearbook (Brooklyn, New York)10,301
Ashbury College, Yearbook (Ottawa, Canada)9,997
University of Illinois Alumni, 1861 - 19009,785
Indiana State College (Terre Haute, IN), 1913 - 19199,000
Montclair State Normal School (Montclair, NJ), 1919 - 19288,950
Earlham College (Richmond, IN), 19068,276
Oceana High School, Yearbook (Oceana, Virginia)8,215
Trinity College Bulletin, Hartford, Connecticut, Volume 3, Number 2, February 19067,940
The Estherian and Lanier Literary Societies (Anderson, SC), 1915 - 19177,927
Purdue University (Lafayette, IN), 19047,925
Indiana University, Arbutus, 19117,761
Purdue University, Purdue Debris (Lafayette, Indiana), 19147,672
6 of 16 pages

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