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Collection Title Est. Names
Emmerich Manual High School, Yearbook (Indianapolis, Indiana)20,865
Birmingham - Southern College (Birmingham, AL), 1914 - 192220,286
Princess Anne County High School, Yearbook (Lynnhaven, Virginia)20,080
Oberlin College, Quinquennial Catalogue of Officers And Graduates (1900)19,418
Chatham College (Pittsburgh, PA), 1956 - 198819,221
Massachusetts State College, Yearbook (North Adams, Massachusetts)19,067
Indiana University: Its History From 1820, When Founded, To 1890 (1890)18,777
University of North Carolina at Charlotte (Charlotte, NC), 1950 - 196518,748
Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, Yearbook (Baltimore, Maryland)18,746
University of Michigan, Michiganensian, 191918,573
Register of the University of Oxford, Volume 2, 1571 - 162217,853
Boston State College (Boston, MA), 1969 - 198217,118
Memoirs of Gen. Joseph Gardner Swift, Ll.D., U.S.A., First Graduate of the United States Military Academy, West Point, Chief Engineer U.S.A. From 1812-To 1818, 1800-1865 (1890)17,008
Register of the Wellesley College Alumnae Association, 1908 - 190916,976
Alumni Catalogue of Bucknell University, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, 1851-191516,846
Sibley's Harvard Graduates, Volume 3, 1678 - 1689 (1885)15,500
University of California, Blue and Gold (Berkeley, California), 192215,304
State Normal School (Farmville, VA), 1920 - 192314,400
Union Kempsville High School (Virginia Beach, VA), 1963 - 196914,104
Derby School Register, 1570-1901. (1902)13,962
State Teachers College at Boston (Boston, MA), 1953 - 196013,892
College of Physicians and Surgeons, Alumni Record (Chicago, Illinois), 190413,623
Yale College, 1916, Volume 113,610
University of Maryland School of Dentistry, Yearbook (Baltimore, Maryland)13,543
Euclid Central High School, Yearbook (Euclid, Ohio)13,333
5 of 16 pages

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