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Collection Title Est. Names
Vital Records of Newbury, Massachusetts to the end of the year 1849, Volume 260,727
Alphabetical Index of Births, Marriages And Deaths, Recorded in Providence, Volume 1260,477
The Registers of the Church of St. Michan, Dublin, 1636 - 170060,250
Richardson Memorial, Three Brothers, Ezekiel, Samuel, And Thomas Richardson, Who Came From England, And United With Others in the Foundation of Woburn, Massachusetts, in the Year 1641 (1876)60,246
A Genealogy of the Descendants of Robert Austin of Kingstown, Rhode Island60,222
Canterbury Marriage Licences, 1619 - 1660 (1892)60,063
Alphabetical Index of the Births, Marriages And Deaths Recorded in Providence, Rhode Island59,830
Bradford Antiquary: The Journal of the Bradford Historical & Antiquarian Society59,729
American Genealogical Biographical Index, Volume 859,622
Richardson Memorial (1876)59,610
Morris & Co.'s Commercial Directory and Gazetteer of Ashton-Under-Lyne and District, 187459,137
Tableau Genealogique des Mariages Celebres dans les Paroisses du Diocese de Rimouski, Volume 259,043
UK Marriage List, 1655-199258,816
Register of Baptisms, Marriages And Burials 1538 A.D. To 1812 A.D. (1903)58,322
The Victoria History of the County of Lancaster, Volume 558,086
Repertoire des Mariages (Catholiques), Comte Sherbrooke, 1834 - 1970, Volume 357,881
The Register of the Parish of S. Peter and S. Kevin, Dublin, 1669 - 176157,659
Register Book of Marriages Belonging To the Parish of St. George, Hanover Square, in the County of Middlesex, Volume 1, Part 1, 1725 - 178756,983
Abstracts of Nottinghamshire Marriage Licences, Volume 256,728
Yorkshire Inquisitions56,591
Vital Records of Rhode Island, 1636 - 1850, Volume XV: Newspaper Vital56,503
Mariages du Comte de L'Assomption, 1679 - 1960, Volume 256,222
Yorkshire Fines, 1486 - 162556,130
Registers of St. Paul's Church, Convent Garden, London, Burials, 1653 - 1752, Volume 455,894
Repertoire des Mariages du Comte Wolfe, 1849 - 195055,769
7 of 131 pages

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