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Collection Title Est. Names
Registers of St. Peter, Westminster67,619
Index of Irish Marriages, Saint Patrick's Parish, Quebec, 1856 - 1973, Volume 367,369
Vital Records of Rhode Island, 1636 - 1850, Volume XI: Church Records66,957
Record of Pennsylvania Marriages Prior To 181066,787
Vital Records of Rhode Island, 1762 - 1825, Volume XIV: Newspaper Vitals66,512
Marriage, Baptismal, And Burial Registers of the Collegiate Church or Abbey of St. Peter, Westminster65,705
Mariages du Comte de L'Assomption, 1679 - 1960, Volume 165,700
Labelle County: Quebec65,377
Our County and Its People: A History of the Valley and County of Chemung, From the Closing Years of the Eighteenth Century65,271
Early Connecticut Marriages as found on Ancient Church Records, Prior to 180064,993
Marriages in the Nauvoo Region 1839-184564,520
New England Families, Genealogical And Memorial, Volume 2 (1913)64,377
West Virginia, Naturalization Records, 1814-199163,924
The Victoria History of the County of Lancaster, Volume 763,453
Ste. Julienne Mariages, Annotations, Baptemes, Sepultures, 1853 - 198663,207
Repertoire des Mariages de Valleyfield (Salaberry), 1855 - 195063,145
Register Book of Marriages Belonging To the Parish of St. George, Hanover Square, in the County of Middlesex, Volume 2, 1788 - 180963,034
Mariages du Comte de Laprairie, 1751 - 197262,246
Registers of St. Paul's Church, Convent Garden, London, Marriages, 1653 - 1837, Volume 362,126
Genealogy and Memoirs of Isaac Stearns and his Descendants61,815
Records of the Town of Plymouth, 1636 - 1705, Volume 161,554
The Lovejoy Genealogy with Biographies and History, 1460 - 193061,552
Arkansas, Second Registration Draft Cards, 1948-195961,262
Calendar of Marriage Licences Issued By the Faculty Office, 1632-171460,965
Vital Records of Rhode Island, 1636 - 1850, Volume XIII: Deaths60,751
6 of 131 pages

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