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Collection Title Est. Names
Ancestry and Descendants of Jacob How(e) of Rowley, Massachusetts, Baldwin, Bridgton, and Paris, Maine1,303
Johnson Genealogy1,277
The Massachusetts Hemenway Family Descendants of Ralph Hemenway of Roxbury, Massachusetts, 16341,255
Genealogies of the Lymans of Middlefield, of the Dickinsons of Montreal, and of the Partridges of Hatfield1,120
Princes: Records of Our Ancestors, Containing A Complete List of All Persons By the Name of Prince Who Served in Lexington Alarm, April, 1775, Revolutionary War, War of 1812, and Civil War, 1861 - 18651,110
Genealogy of That Branch of the Palmers: Emanating From the Marriage of Gershom Palmer, Son of Walter Palmer, of Nottinghamshire, England, and Ann Denison, A. D. 16671,081
Cornelius Jansen Clopper and His Descendants1,013
Pedigree of the Late Henry Hawarden-Gillibrand-Fazakerley, And the Descent To Him of Fazakerley Hall, Gillibrand Hall And Lower House in Widnes1,010
The Philadelphia Branch of the Clarkson Family997
Descendants Of John Pitman, the First of the Name in the Colony of Rhode Island982
Smith with Collateral Lines, Chipman, Divine, Huckins, Jones, Lewis (Barnstable Branch) and Mayflower Connection923
The Direct Line of Descent from John Gilmore914
Michael DeBolt and his Decendants913
A Record of the Descendants of Robert Mason of Roxbury, Massachusetts906
Genealogy of Some of the Descendants of Captain Matthew Fuller of Newton, John Fuller of Lynn, John Fuller of Ispwich, Robert Fuller of Dorchester and Dedham893
Peterson Family of Duxbury, Massachusetts834
Langdon Genealogy, 1640 - 1896830
The Record of My Ancestry (Charles L. Newhall)827
Genealogy of Thomas Pope (1608-1683) and Some of His Descendants822
Seventeen Pedigrees From "Family Memorials"714
Noyes Pedigree591
The Descendants of Adam Mott of Hempstead, Long Island, New York A Genealogical Study547
Descendants of Ezekiel Northend of Rowley537
in Re Dundas Family, Pedigree of Jane Dundas White, Born May 27, 1919531
Descendants of Joseph and Lucy Clark Allen488
7 of 8 pages

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