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Collection Title Est. Names
Descendants of Joseph and Mary Dodge Campbell in America2,826
The Lillibridge Family And Its Branches in the United States2,660
A Brief Genealogy of the Loughry Family of Pennsylvania2,568
Ancestry and Descendants of Lieutenant Jonathan Norris2,452
Sergeant Francis Nicholls of Stratford, Connecticut, 16392,433
An Incomplete Directory of the Descendants of My Great-Grandparents (Alexander Russel Johnston)2,388
Some Descendants of John Norton of Branford, 1622 - 17092,137
The Case Family: Descendants of Jonathan J. and Lucy Simmons Case, Pioneer Settlers in Ontario County, New York2,103
Descendants of Matthew Coe2,029
The Self-Completing Tree2,026
Conrad Family Tree, 1753-19101,878
Descendants of Reverend William Noyes, Born, England, 1568, in Direct Line To La Verne W. Noyes and Frances Adelia Noyes-Giffen1,853
Notes On the Pedigree of Her Most Serene Higness Ann Groom, Duchess of Mantua And Montferrat in Italy (1879)1,783
Genealogy of the Mcfarland Family of Hancock County, Maine1,718
SCT Scotch Ancestry of President McKinley1,708
The Descendants of Stephen Pierson of Suffolk County, England and New Haven and Derby, Connecticut, 1645 - 17891,698
Prime: The Descendants of James Prime, Who Was At Milford, Connecticut, in 16441,590
Genealogy of the Marsh Family : Outline For Five Generations of the Families of John of Salem, 16331,577
Index To the Pedigrees in Burke's Commoners1,491
Genealogy of Dr. Francis Joseph Pfeiffer of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and His Descendants, 1734 - 18991,465
Penhallow Family with Copies of Letters and Papers of an Early Date1,448
Genealogy of the Little Family1,428
The Olcott Family of Hartford, Connecticut, in the Line of Eunice (Olcott) Goodwin, 1639 - 18071,400
A Partial Record of the Mansur Family1,396
Genealogy of a Part of the Ripley Family1,335
6 of 8 pages

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