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The Trezevant Family in the United States: From the Date of Arrival of Daniel Trezevant, Huguenot, at Charles Town, South Carolina, in 1685, to the Present Date4,429
The descendants of Henry Athey of Maryland, South Carolina and Alabama4,083
Alexander Thompson of Fairfield District, South Carolina: The Genealogical Record of His Descendants3,828
The Ensminger Family3,103
Key To Southern Pedigrees: Being a Comprehensive Guide To the Colonial Ancestry of Families in the States of Virginia, Maryland, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia And Alabama, Volume 83,100
Anderson College (Anderson, SC), 19202,986
The Gindrat Family: A Supplement to Some Huguenot Families of South Carolina and Georgia2,368
The Estherian Literary Society (Anderson, SC), 19142,210
Six Generations of the Cantey Family of South Carolina2,196
St. James Church, Goose Creek, South Carolina: a Sketch of the Parish From 1706 To 19092,151
The Gee Family of Union County, South Carolina2,104
The Descendants of Samuel Hooker of the Carolinas, Tennessee, Indiana and Illinois1,910
The Draytons of South Carolina and Philadelphia1,647
Log-Book of Timothy Boardman, 17781,517
Bethea Family of Marion County, South Carolina1,409
Letters of Eliza Wilkinson, During the Invasion And Possession of Charleston, South Carolina, By the British in the Revolutionary War1,338
Some Watsons of South Carolina1,224
Anderson College (Anderson, SC), 19181,121
The Hugers of South Carolina1,027
Names of the Officers Who Served in the South Carolina Regiments On the Continental Establishment596
Genealogical Register of the Descendants of Moses Cleveland of Woburn, Massachusetts484
French Protestant (Huguenot) Church in the City of Charleston, South Carolina452
Genealogy of the Rumph Family of South Carolina (1903)397
Report of the Historian of the Confederate Records To the General Assembly of South Carolina. 1898- (1899)254
Mercantile Agency Reference Book, South Carolina, July 190548
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