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Collection Title Est. Names
Graves County, Kentucky, Circuit Court Records, 1867 - 188114,883
Graves County, Kentucky Funeral Home Records, Volume 5, 1952 - 195514,805
History of Kentucky (1872)14,797
Genealogies and Sketches of Some Old Families Who Have Taken Prominent Part in the Development of Virginia and Kentucky14,237
History of Lexington, Kentucky (1872)13,624
The Dawkins and Stewart Families of Virginia and Kentucky12,848
Hardin and Harding of Virginia and Kentucky12,639
History of Lewis County, Kentucky (1912)12,283
Oldham County, Kentucky Deed Book C, 1832-1836 ([200-?])12,058
Register of Kentucky State Historical Society, Volume 2 (1913)12,011
Complete Index To the Names of Persons, Places And Subjects Mentioned in Littel's Laws of Kentucky11,618
Nativism in Kentucky to 186011,546
History of Calloway County, Kentucky, 1931, Together with Sketches of Its Prominent Citizens, Past and Present11,228
Descendants of William Bromwell And Beulah Hall (1910)10,656
Prichard Family: History And Genealogy of the Descendants of James And Elizabeth Hughes Prichard of New Castle, Kentucky (1915)10,650
Marshall County, Kentucky, Birth Records, 1852 - 1859, 186110,627
Bromwell Genealogy: Including Descendants of William Bromwell And Beulah Hall (1910)10,360
The Mountain People of Kentucky: An Account of Present Conditions with the Attitude of the People Toward Improvement9,783
Governor Garrard of Kentucky, His Decendants and Relatives, by Anna Russell9,586
Register of Kentucky State Historical Society, Volume 16 - 179,504
Trigg County, Kentucky Newspaper Abstracts, Volume 309,248
Trigg County, Kentucky Census of 19209,176
Boyle Genealogy. John Boyle of Virginia And Kentucky. (1909)9,031
Ballard County, Kentucky Census of 18809,013
Marshall County, Kentucky Census 18708,686
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