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Collection Title Est. Names
Revolutionary War Records, Volume 1, Virginia77,862
Shenandoah Valley Pioneers and Their Descendants: A History of Frederick County, Virginia (Illustrated) From its Formation in 1738 to 190872,461
Newton Genealogy (1915)71,760
Historical Register of Virginians in the Revolution, Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, 1775 - 178371,605
Hill's Newport News, Warwick County, Virginia, City Directory, 195270,028
Register of Former Cadets, Centennial Edition67,249
History of the Lower Shenandoah Valley, Counties of Frederick, Berkeley, Jefferson and Clark, Their Early Settlement and Progress to the Present Time61,621
A Family Called Fort: The Descendants of Elias Fort of Virginia59,638
Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, Volume 5 (1915)58,412
Kegley's Virginia Frontier56,460
Alumni Lists by DistantCousin Genealogy55,335
A History of Rockbridge County, Virginia49,826
History of Royalton, Vermont, With Family Genealogies, 1769-1911, Part 249,166
Hill's Newport News, Hampton and Warwick, Virginia, City Directory, 195444,174
History of Rockbridge County, Virginia43,877
Virginia Valley Records: Genealogical and Historical Materials of Rockingham County, Virginia and Related Regions43,331
Hill's Hampton, Virginia, City Directory, Alphabetical List of Names, 195241,920
Field Genealogy, Volume 1 (1901)41,520
History And Genealogy of the Montague Family of America, Descended From Richard Montague of Hadley, Massachusetts, And Peter Montague of Lancaster Co., Virginia (1886)41,346
Medical College of Virginia (Richmond, VA), 1913 - 192340,755
Lanier, a Genealogy of the Family who came to Virginia and their French Ancestors in London39,912
Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, From 1726 to 187139,463
The Border Settlers of Northwestern Virginia, 1768 - 179538,706
Greenwood Genealogies, 1154-191437,712
The Douglas Register37,475
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