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Collection Title Est. Names
Vital Records of Pittston, Maine, To the Year 1892 (1911)22,702
Probate Records of Lincoln County, Maine, 1760 - 180022,448
Portland, Maine, Directory And Reference Book, 185822,447
General Catalogue of Bowdoin College And the Medical School of Maine, 1794 - 188922,213
Old Times, Volume 5, January 1881 (1877)22,111
The Shipping Days of Old Boothbay From the Revolution To the World War,21,684
Vital Records of Belfast, Maine19,391
Catalogus Senatus Academici, Et Eorum Qui Munera Et Officia Gesserunt, Quique Alicujus Gradus Laurea Donati Sunt, in Collegio Bowdoinensi, Brunsvici, in Republica Mainensi, 184619,326
Vital Records of Otisfield, Maine, To the Year 1892, Births, Marriages And Deaths (1892)18,363
Old Times, Volume 3, January 1879 (1877)18,333
Our Thompson Family in Maine, New Hampshire, and The West18,088
Records of the Proprietors of Narraganset Township, No. 1, Now the Town of Buxton, York County, Maine, From August 1st, 1733, To January 4th, 181117,938
Collections of the Maine Historical Society, Volume 117,720
History of Bath And Environs, Sagadahoc County, Maine. 1607-1894 (1891)16,776
History of the Nineteenth Regiment of Maine Volunteer Infantry, 1862 - 186516,377
Baxter Manuscripts (1908)16,241
History of Ancient Sheepscot And Newcastle, Maine (1882)16,221
Story of One Regiment, the Eleventh Maine Infantry Volunteers In the War of the Rebellion16,198
History of the Nineteenth Regiment of Maine Volunteer Infantry, 1862 - 186515,857
Genealogy of the Gamble Family of Maine (1895)15,654
History of the Descendants of Nathan Lord of Ancient Kitttery, Maine15,613
Tobey (Tobie, Toby) Genealogy: Thomas, of Sandwich, And James, of Kittery, (1905)15,076
The Ancestors of my Children and Other Related Children by William Copeland Clark14,879
Adriel Warren of Berwick, Maine14,848
Carbon Copy of Genealogical Records and Notes on the Gray Family on New Hampshire and Maine14,597
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