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Collection Title Est. Names
History of Decatur County, Iowa, Volume 215,359
History of Harrison County, Iowa14,951
History of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa14,712
Pioneer Papers, Bloomington, Iowa (1899)13,868
Iowa Journal of History And Politics, Volume 4 (1906)13,713
Illustrated History of Monroe County, Iowa (1896)13,051
History of the Fifteenth Regiment, Iowa Veteran Volunteer Infantry, From October, 1861, To August, 1865, When Disbanded at the End of the War12,918
History of Benton County, Iowa, Volume 112,286
Presbyterian Church in Iowa, 1837-1900, History (1907)11,911
Marshall County in the World War, 1917-191810,447
Fifty Years in Iowa: The Personal Reminiscenses of J.M.D. Burrows, 1838 - 188810,349
Portrait And Biographical Album of Polk County, Iowa (1890)9,621
Pioneers of Marion County, Iowa (1872)9,299
Report of the Reunion of the Tri-State Old Settlers' Association of Illinois, Missouri And Iowa, 18848,855
Census of Iowa For the Year 1895, Part 2 (1896)8,759
Blue Book of Iowa Women, a History of Contemporary Women8,535
Annals of Iowa, Volume 9, Number 5, April 19108,146
History of the 33d Iowa Infantry Volunteer Regiment, 1863 - 18667,383
Annals of Iowa, Volume 4, Number 1, April 18997,356
Two Hundred Topics in Iowa History6,564
Kingsbury-Bush: American Ancestry of Wayland Briggs Kingsbury, Son of Joseph B. and hannah Brown Kingsbury of Windham Co. Vt. and Osage, Iowa; and Flora Jane Bush Kingsbury, Daughter of Alva and Eliza Moore Bush of Chautauqua Co. N.Y. and Osage, Iowa6,543
History of the 33d Iowa Infantry Volunteer Regiment, 1863 - 18666,278
Manual And Year Book of the Iowa Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, 19016,152
Johnson County, Iowa, City Directory, 1878 - 18795,653
History of Osceola County, Iowa (1892)5,375
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