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Collection Title Est. Names
The Union Regiments of Kentucky145,906
The Clan Donald145,746
Census of the State of Michigan, 1884144,339
Lippincott's Gazetteer of the World, 1859, Volume A-K141,405
English Family Goodwin Papers: Being Material Collected in the Search for the Ancestry of William and Ozias Goodwin140,423
Descendants of Jacob Hochstetler, The Immigrant of 1736139,374
The Holcombes Nation Builders, Part 2138,252
Descendants of Joseph Loomis in America and His Antecedents in the Old World137,464
The Wentworth Genealogy: Comprising the Origin of the Name, the Family in England, and a Particular Account of Elder William Wentworth, the Emigrant135,143
The History of the Treman, Tremaine, Truman Family in America with The Related Families of Mack, Dey, Board and Ayers132,658
Field Genealogy, Being the Record of all the Field Family in America Whose Ancestors Were in this Country Prior to 1700131,173
Commissioned and Warrant Officers of the United States Navy and Marine Corps, January 1, 1930129,622
This is Ewers (Yours)129,287
Register of the Commissioned and Warrant Officers of the United States Navy and Marine Corps, January 1, 1929127,459
Handbook of American Indians North of Mexico, Part 2127,364
History of Northampton County (Pennsylvania) and the Grand Valley of the Lehigh127,155
The Holcombes Nation Builders, Part 1125,875
Historical Collections of the Georgia Chapters, Daughters of the American Revolution125,405
Our County and Its People: A Descriptive Work on Erie County, New York124,347
The Hamlin Family: A Genealogy of James Hamlin of Barnstable, Massachusetts, 1639 - 1902122,982
The Genealogy of Peiter Heyl and His Descendants, 1100 - 1936122,223
Delafield. The Family History, Volume 1121,481
The Official Roster of the Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in the State of Ohio121,399
History of Bradford County, Pennsylvania121,166
Eddy Family in America120,875
2 of 197 pages

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