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Collection Title Est. Names
Indiana at the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg4,129
History of the One Hundred and Thirty-Eighth Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry4,077
Rebellion Record of Allegheny County, From April, 1861 To October, 18623,200
History of Company K of the 140th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1862 18653,003
Brief History of the 69th Regiment Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteers, From Its Formation Until Final Muster Out of the United States Service2,637
Reunion of the Ninety-Seventh Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, October 29th, 1884 at Camp Wayne, West Chester, Pennsylvania2,345
History of the One Hundred and Ninety-Eighth Pennsylvania Volunteers, Being a Complete Record of the Regiment2,210
Osceola In the War of the Rebellion, an Address Delivered at Osceola, Tioga County, Pennsylvania, On Friday, May 30th, 18842,034
"Fair Oaks": Report of the First Annual Reunion of the Survivor's Association, 23d Pennsylvania Volunteers. Held at Maennerchor Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, May 31, 1882 (1883)1,958
Register of the Members of the "Artillery Corps, Washington Grays" of the City of Philadelphia Who Served In the War of the Rebellion 1861 - 18651,723
Commemoration of Lancaster County in the Revolution at "Indian Rock"1,482
Company D, 109th Machine Gun Battalion of the World War, 1923, Volume 81,420
Transactions of the First Annual Reunion of the 122d Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers: Held at Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Thursday, May 17, 1883 (1884)1,123
Notes On the Rebel Invasion of Maryland And Pennsylvania: And the Battle of Gettysburg, July 1st, 2d and 3d, 1863777
Military Hospitals at Bethlehem And Lititz, Pennsylvania, During the Revolutionary War606
Addenda To History of the 121st Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers479
Buckshot War (1839)408
Women's Aid Society of Lebanon During the War of the Rebellion252
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