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Collection Title Est. Names
History of the Sixth New Hampshire Regiment in the War For the Union12,508
Memorial of the Great Rebellion: History of the Fourteenth Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers, Covering Its Three Years of Service, With Original Sketches of Army Life, 1862 - 186511,376
History of the Sixteenth Regiment, New Hampshire Volunteers10,334
History of the Seventeenth Regiment, New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry, 1862 - 18637,537
History of the Second Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers: Its Camps, Marches and Battles6,393
Record of the Soldiers, Sailors And Marines Who Served the United States of America In the War of the Rebellion And Previous Wars, Buried In the City of Portsmouth5,280
History of the First New Hampshire Regiment in the War of the Revolution4,963
Claremont War History: April, 1861, To April, 1865: With Sketches of New Hampshire Regiments4,415
Account of the Soldiers' And Sailors' Monument, Nashua, New Hampshire2,481
Manchester Men, Soldiers And Sailors in the Civil War, 1861-18662,381
Register of Officers And Members of the Society of Colonial Wars in the State of New Hampshire, 18971,964
New Ipswich In the War of the Rebellion1,903
Memoirs And Services of Three Generations (1909)1,826
Annual Reports of the Officers of the Town of Rindge, New Hampshire, January 31, 1922749
Dover Pulpit During the Revolutionary War522
Annual Reports of the Selectmen And Other Town Officers, Charlestown, New Hampshire For the Year Ending December 31, 1899449
Annual Reports of the Town Officers of the Town of Bennington, 1890408
Annual Reports of the Officers of the Town of Rindge, New Hampshire, March 1, 1882398
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