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History of the Thirty-Sixth Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers, 1862 - 186511,079
Lynn in the Revolution, Part 1 (1909)10,598
History of the Thirty-Fifth Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers, 1862 - 186510,533
Historical Sketch of the Old Sixth Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteers, During Its Three Campaigns in 1861, 1862, 1863, and 186410,470
History of the Seventh Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry In the War of the Rebellion, 1861 - 186510,464
Fitchburg In the War of the Rebellion8,473
History of Old Yarmouth, Comprising the Present Towns of Yarmouth And Dennis. From the Settlement To the Division in 1794 With the History of Both Towns To These Times8,164
History of the Tenth Massachusetts Battery of Light Artillery in the War of the Rebellion8,006
History of the Fifty-Second Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteers7,557
Third Massachusetts Regiment Volunteer Militia In the War of the Rebellion, 1861 - 18637,204
History of the Second Massachusetts Regiment of Infantry, Third Paper7,031
Register of Members of the Society of Sons of the Revolution in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 19096,788
History of Boston Division Number Sixty-One, Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers6,726
Dedication Exercises at the Massachusetts Military Monument, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania6,590
History of the Churches of Boston, Giving a Full Account, in Denominational Divisions, of All the Church Organizations of the City, From Their Formation To the Present Time5,907
History of North Adams, Massachusetts, 1749 - 18855,562
Story of Company A, Twenty-Fifth Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteers In the the War of the Rebellion5,425
History of the Second Massachusetts Regiment of Infantry5,284
Massachusetts Soldiers And Sailors of the Revolutionary War, a Compilation From the Archives, Volume 10, Part 25,029
History of the Twelfth Massachusetts Volunteers (Webster Regiment)4,952
Monuments, Tablets And Other Memorials Erected In Massachusetts to Commemorate the Service of Her Sons In the War of the Rebellion, 1861 - 18654,948
Short Narrative of the Horrid Massacre in Boston, Perpetrated in the Evening of the Fifth Day of March, 1770, By Soldiers of the 29th Regiment4,669
Fifty-Third Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers4,567
History of Camp Life of Company C, Fifty-First Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteer Militia 1862 - 18634,081
History of the Forty-Eighth Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteer Militia During the Civil War3,361
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