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Society of the 74th Illinois Volunteer Infantry: Reunion Proceedings and History of the Regiment6,671
Our Regiment: History of the 102d Illinois Infantry Volunteers, With Sketches of the Atlanta Campaign, the Georgia Raid, and the Campaign of the Carolines6,640
History of the Second Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry From Organization to Muster-Out6,450
Memoirs of the War by Captain Ephraim A. Wilson of Co. "G" 10th Illinois Veteran Volunteer Infantry (1893)6,358
History of the One Hundred and Twenty-Ninth Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry5,945
History of the Ninety-Fifth Regiment, Illinois Infantry Volunteers, From Its Organization in the Fall of 1862, Until Its Final Discharge From the United States Service, in 18655,670
History of the Fifty-Ninth Regiment Illinois Volunteers: Three Years' Campaign Through Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee and Kentucky: With a Description of the Country, Towns, Skirmishes and Battles5,138
Complete History of the 46th Illinois Veteran Volunteer Infantry, From the Date of Its Organization in 1861, to Its Final Discharge, February 1st, 18664,620
Monmouth College In the War of the Rebellion4,149
Exact Duplicate Copy of Chapter Ix in the History of the Seventy-Third Illinois Infantry Volunteers3,643
History of the Ninth Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry3,445
History of the Ninth Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry3,410
History of the Ninth Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry3,365
History of the Eighty-Sixth Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry2,953
A List of Officers of the Illinois Regiment, and of Crockett's Regiment2,144
History of the Illinois National Guard, From the Organization of the First Regiment, in September, 1874, To the Enactment of the Military Code, in May, 18792,057
History of the 24th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment (Old Hecker Regiment)961
Official Souvenir Program Issued By the Sesqui-Centennial Committee To Commemorate the Westernmost Campaign of the Revolutionary War882
Address To the 73rd Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry, Springfield, Illinois, 1890723
Record of Robinson B. Murphy, 127th Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry, 1862 - 1865134
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