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5th Regiment: Royal Scots of Canada Highlanders, a Regimental History4,911
Queen's Own Rifles of Canada: History of a Splendid Regiment's Origin, Development and Services, Including a Story of Patriotic Duties Well Performed in Three Campaigns (1901)4,909
"C" Force to Hong Kong: A Canadian Catastrophe 1941-1945 4,822
48Th Highlanders of Toronto: Canadian Militia, the Origin And History of This Regiment And a Short Account of the Highland Regiments From Time To Time Stationed In Canada4,768
The Making of Billy Bishop: The First World War Exploits of Billy Bishop, VC4,615
The War of 1812: The War That Both Sides Won4,538
Fragments of War: Stories from Survivors of World War II3,739
History of New Brunswick, From Its First Settlement3,288
PR: Fifty Years in the Field3,188
Origin and Services of the Prince of Wales Regiment3,147
History of the 12th Regiment, York Rangers2,968
Tip of the Spear: An Intimate Account of 1 Canadian Parachute Battalion, 1942 - 19452,912
Loyalist Literature: An Annotated Bibliographic Guide to the Writings on the Loyalists of the American Revolution2,303
One Soldier's Story 1939 - 1945: From the Fall of Hong Kong to the Defeat of Japan2,286
Duke of Cornwall's Own Rifles: Regimental History of the Forty-Third Regiment, Active Militia of Canada2,270
History of the Grange in Canada2,089
The Last Invasion of Canada: The Fenian Raids, 1866 - 18701,955
The Official History of the Canadian Forces in the Great War, 1914 - 1919, Volume 1, Maps1,309
Address to the Army: In Reply To Strictures1,085
New Topographical Atlas of the Province of Ontario, Canada720
Lt.-Col. Otho Hamilton of Olivestob: Lieutenant-Governor of Plancentia, Lieutenant-Colonel in the Army, Major of the 40th Regiment of Foot696
Lt.-Col. Otho Hamilton of Olivestob, Lt.-Gov. of Placentia, Lt.-Col. in the Army, Member of the Nova Scotia Council From 1731 To 1744687
Right On, You Got the Elbow Out!: Wartime Memories of the R.C.A.F.588
The Brazier - 1 April 1917481
Souvenir of the Thousand Islands And River St. Lawrence139
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