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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Arife Jilta Demirkol (born Sipahi) 1901 Place 1969
Arife Jilta Demirkol (born Sipahi) 1901 Place 1969
Hulki Jilta Demirkol Day, Month, 1926 Place Day, Month, 1992
Hulki Jilta Demirkol 1926 Place 1993
Ikbal Baylan ( Türkiye)(Celina Prizren) (born Jilta) Day, Month, 1930 Place Day, Month, 1996
Ikbal Baylan ( Türkiye)(Celina Prizren) (born Jilta Demirkol) Day, Month, 1930 Place Day, Month, 1996
Ramiz Jilta Demirkol Bay 1886 Place 1966
Ramiz Jilta Demirkol Bay 1898 Place 1966
Yahya Jilta Demirkol Day, Month, 1928 Place Day, Month, 2008
Yahya Jilta Demirkol 1928 Place Day, Month, 2008
Hasan Demirkol 1925 Place Day, Month, 1996
Mahmut Demirkol Day, Month, 1924 Place Day, Month, 1957
Meryem Temur (born Demirkol) Day, Month, 1903 Place Day, Month, 1983
Urguya Demirkol (born Temur) Day, Month, 1934 Place Day, Month, 2003
Ali İhsan Demirkol Bay 1936 Place 2010
Asiye Demirkol (born Şampiyon) 4.Eşi 1315 Place 1948
Bayram Demirkol 1950 Place 1997
Etem Ruhi Demirkol Bay Day, Month, 1900 Place 2011
Fatma Özçay (born Demirkol) 1918 Place Day, Month, 2010
İhsan Demirkol (born Ulugergerli) 1938 Place 1995
Hüseyin Demirkol 1935 Place 1981
Kemal Demirkol 1916 Place 1991
Lebibe Demirkol (born Bullo) 1913 Place 1985
İlyas Demirkol Day, Month, 1937 Place Day, Month, 1991
Mustafa Demirkol 1902 Place 1978
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