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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Fouze Darwish (born Ma3youf) Date, 1910 Place Day, Month, 1982
Jonah Mizrachi 1877 Place, Iraq Day, Month, 1961
Marcel Chala Asher (born Darwish) 1903 Place 1998
Morsi Darwish Date, 1890 Place, Egypt Day, Month, 1962
Moshe Mizrachi 1915 Place, Israel Day, Month, 1974
Sarina Sara אליאס דרויש (born Darwish) 1903 Place Day, Month, 1988
Berteen Darwish Dror (born Tawfiq) 1928 Place 1999
Ezra Darwish Dror 1928 Place Day, Month, 2011
Salech Elias Darwish 1896 Place Day, Month, 1959
Abdallah Darwish 1865 Egypt 1940
Abdou Darwish 1919 Egypt Day, Month, 1923
Abdull Darwish 1882 Syria Day, Month, 1949
Abdull Darwish Jr Day, Month, 1936 Place, Michigan Day, Month, 1936
Anwar Darwish 1911 Place, Iraq 1972
Bsma R. Tolfree (born Darwish) Day, Month, 1935 Place, Michigan Day, Month, 1990
David Darwish 1902 Egypt Day, Month, 1937
Dawlat Darwish 1931 Egypt Day, Month, 1937
Eliahou Darwish 1873 Egypt Day, Month, 1923
Elie Darwish Day, Month, 1934 Egypt Day, Month, 1982
Emilie Darwish 1902 Egypt Day, Month, 1921
Hafetz Darwish Day, Month, 1958 Israel 2000
Hassan Ahmed Darwish 1927 Place, Lebanon 1927
Hatoon Darwish (born Attar) 1914 Place, Iraq 1985
Hosna Levy (born Darwish) Day, Month, 1897 Egypt 1940
Ibrahim Darwish 1888 Egypt Day, Month, 1929
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