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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Tora (Thora) Skovli (born Petersdatter Bjørnerud) Day, Month, 1907 Place Day, Month, 1963
Kristian Petersen Bjørnerud Day, Month, 1899 Place Day, Month, 1948
Oluf Petersen Bjørnerud Day, Month, 1892 Place Day, Month, 1966
Ingeborg Olsen (born Pedersdatter) Bjornerud 1782 Place, Norway Day, Month, 1847
Mari Pedersdatter Bjørnerud 1781 Place, Norway Day, Month, 1850
Hans Gulbrandsen Vilberg & Bjørnerud Date, 1718 Place 1783
Matea (Marthea) Andreasen Lomsdalseie Bjørnerud (born Torgersdatter Søfferudengen) Day, Month, 1864 Place Day, Month, 1948
Olga Siristuen (born Petersdatter Bjørnerud) Day, Month, 1897 Place Day, Month, 1978
Strykerske Marie (Maria) Kristiansen (born Kristiansdatter Bjørnerud) Day, Month, 1880 Place Day, Month, 1924
Karen Mathea Engejordet Av Store Goplum (born Olsdatter Bjørnerud) 1888 Place 1969
Knut Ellefsen Bjørnerud 1792 Place 1865
Ole Kristoffersen Bjørnerud Moen Day, Month, 1853 Place 1928
Gunhild Bendikson (N.Bjørnerud) (born Knutsdotter (Brokke) (N.Snarteland)) Day, Month, 1780 Place Day, Month, 1864
Dorte Larsen Bjørnerud (born Hansdatter Oppsal) 1683 Place Day, Month, 1774
Maria Larsdatter (born Larsen Bjørnerud) Day, Month, 1786 Place 1793
Marte Larsen Bjørnerud (born Madsdatter Ensrud) 1762 Place 1804
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