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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Alberto Alejandro Chavira Day, Month, 1868 Place, Mexico
Tia Dolores Terrazas Chavira (born Terrazas Chacon) 1919 Place Day, Month, 1979
Don Francisco Terrazas Chavira Day, Month, 1921 Place Day, Month, 2002
Adela Acosta Chavira (born Acosta García) Date
Asunción Acosta Chavira (born Acosta García) Date
Avelina Acosta Chavira (born Acosta García) Date
Mercedes Chavira Tarin (born Acosta Chavira) 1970
Sara Gonzalez (born Avila Chavira) Place Date, 1983
Andres Perez Chavira 1872 1949
Rosa Martinez Perez (born Garcia Chavira) 1966
Alfonso Chavira Day, Month, 2016 Day, Month, 1990
Dulces Nombres Chavira
Ma. Otilia Yee Zumaya (born Chavira) Day, Month, 1943
Luisa Meza Chavira (born Meza Almazàn) Francisco Indalecio Madero 405, Vj. Day, Month, 1948 Place Day, Month, 2012
Amparo Terrazas Chavira (born Porras) Day, Month, 2010
Tia Guadalupe Terrazas Chavira (born Terrazas Chacon) 2008
Rafael Rivera Chavira Place
Abuelo Gonzalo Gutierrez Chavira Day, Month, 1934 Day, Month, 2006
Rosa Mendoza Chavira (born Pillado) Place
Rosa Valles Lopez (born Lopez Chavira) Day, Month, 1917 Day, Month, 1992
Adelina Garcia Chavira (born Estrada Nieto) Day, Month, 1901 Day, Month, 1997
Aurora Garcia Chavira (born Garcia) Day, Month, 1914 1985
Benito Garcia Chavira Day, Month, 1901 Day, Month, 1983
Raúl Heredia Chavira Day, Month, 1928 Day, Month, 1993
Cecilia Spinosso Chavira (born Spinosso) Date Place
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